Tullstorp Stream restoration project: good practices from Southern Sweden


On the 21st of March Race For The Baltic was invited to a workshop around the restoration project of the Tullstorp Stream. This initiative is based on the coordinated actions of private landowners which has restored over 10km of the stream leading directly into the Baltic Sea. The project has also focused on wetland restoration to trap nutrients and to bring back wildlife in this very agricultural part of Sweden.

The uniqueness of this project lies in its bottom-up cooperation, landowners created an economic association to facilitate grant applications and to work in a holistic way to restore the stream. This project is definitely an inspiration and an example to follow in river and wetland restoration for the Baltic Sea.

The workshop was organised by the Tullstorp Stream Economic Association and with the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation and Earthmind.  It also invited a broad range of actors in the Baltic Region like WWF Sweden or Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Farmers from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany were there to discuss how that kind of bottom up restoration initiative could be exported in other countries, and what kind of initiatives of this kind already exists there. 

Learn more about the project here:


Two-stage ditches are created in the stream to make it easy to bring out the nutrients trapped by the stream


Meandring shape helps to slow down the water of the stream


Wetland areas help filter out nutrients from the stream and play an important role for biodiversity