pilot programme 2015-2017

Accelerating action to clean up the Baltic Sea


Baltic Sea City Accelerator pilot programme ran between December 2015 and June 2017. The programme worked with cities, solution providers, experts and other key stakeholders to identify cost-effective, smart and innovative solutions to local water and wastewater management challenges in the Baltic Sea. 

During this 18-month innovation journey, the following municipalities were represented:


  • Mariehamn


  • Panevėžys


  • Vaxholm

  • Värmdö

  • Västervik

  • Kalmar region


  • Słupsk

The municipalities participated in a series of Idea Labs, Innovation Labs and Peer-to-Peer workshops. At the final event, mayors and local officials shared the strategies, initiatives and commitments of their communities.

Pilot Programme Success Points

All pilot municipalities aim to achieve their share of the HELCOM nutrient reduction targets.

Efforts by five of the pilot municipalities will reduce 12 tonnes of phosphorous and 284 tonnes of nitrogen annually by no later than 2025.

Over 150 initiatives identified in local Baltic Sea Action Plans.

Four of the pilot municipalities have identified a total of €15,7 million of clean water investments.

One municipality is planning to build a state-of-the-art €100 million wastewater treatment facility.


“The pilot programme forced us to do our homework. For example, to find out what our main sources of nitrogen and phosophorous are, calculate what exactly our part of HELCOM means, and what we need to do to reach that goal.”

-Karin löfström, strategist Ecological sustainability, kalmar municipality