City Interviews
March 2016

All pioneer cities were interviewed to help identify their starting point at the beginning of the programme. These interviews were conducted by the experienced partner group working with the BSCA. 



Download the Interview guide

Structure of interviews

The pioneer cities interviews' were conducted in two parts: 

  • First, the Fact-finding segment  aimed at mapping current state and future issues from the perspective of three core challenges: Strategic clarity, Resources and Initiatives until today.
  • Then, the Homework coaching segment was spent discussing the results of the homework and how to improve it. It was the opportunity for company specialists to interview municipality tech specialists.

Discussion focuses in Segment 1 (fact finding)– The interview guide and The Three (perceived) Core Challenges

We used a three-pronged approach to capture both current state and future issues connected to The Strategy House and the Blue Strategy. The interview guide is structured along these buckets, and enabled us to understand - together with the interviewees - what the municipality's challenges were. 

Strategic clarity

  • Municipality Mission
  • Vision 2020
  • Objectives – Three Pillars

Getting to action

  • Municipality policies (e.g. new fees for inspections of wastewater treatment)  
  • Technical solutions (e.g. WWTP / wetland)


  • Financing
  • Time and personnel

All issues were discussed from a perspective of "Until today" (how did it work then, what has worked well and what needed to be improvement) versus "Towards 2020".


Our goals for this round of interviews:

  • Strengthen relationships with our partner cities
  • Fact finding: one of the goals was to understand the municipalities' challenges and specific issues
  • Prepare for follow-ups meetings.