Peer-to-peer workshop

In October 2016, the Baltic Sea City Accelerator invited the partner cities to take part in a peer-to-peer workshop in order to learn form each other and get input from BSCA coaches. It was also the occasion to start working on action plans. The Baltic Sea City Accelerator team were able to learn about and explore the challenges cities are facing to be able to support them better. 

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The goal of the peer-to-peer workshop was to set our pilot cities on the way to start drafting their Local Baltic Sea Action Plan. For some, the action plans were already well on the way, for others, the workshop was a first step. During the workshop, the RFTB team drafted some of the ideas for the cities' visions, missions & objectives.

Local Baltic Sea Action Plans lay the groundwork for cities to become transformative leaders in the Baltic Sea region. 

This workshop focused specifically on supporting the BSCA Pioneer Cities to create their Local Baltic Sea Action Plan.